Factory Finish

Fenstür factory finishing of windows and doors will provide superior protection that far exceeds any post delivery finishing. This is accomplished by finishing our components at various steps during production, and by using premium quality industrial finishes not available to the general public. All finishes are water based.

  • Our finishing system, comprised of no less than 4 different stages, works together for complete protection of the wood. This includes protecting against:
  • Moisture/humidity
  • UV damage
  • Liquid water
  • Oxidation/ozone damage
  • Insects
  • Abrasion
  • Fungi/rot
  • Finishing our products in the component stage enables us to protect behind hardware, weatherstripping, glass, and other areas not possible to be reached after assembly.
  • Fenstür’s finishing reduces on-site costs significantly.
  • The paints we use are made only for wood windows and doors. They control the rate of moisture transfer in and out of the wood over the year, and move with the wood as it shrinks or expands through the seasons.
  • Using a paint maintenance kit 1x year will double your paints lifespan, and 2x a year will maintain it indefinitely (35+ years) – unheard of in the North American wood window world.
  • Maintenance kits are similar to ArmorAll for your car. A rejuvenating & cleaning solution is wiped onto the paint with a microfiber towel which cleans and adds protection to the existing paint.
  • When the paint is finally due for fresh topcoat, the old paint is cleaned and the new paint is applied over top. There is never a need to sand down to bare-wood, ever! Gone are the days of high maintenance wood windows & doors.

Finishing is optional for standard doors (1-3/8″, 1-3/4″ or 2-1/4″ thick doors). All our other products are sold factory finished.

All finishes are available in low, medium, or high gloss.



Fenstur Product Catalogue

Fenstur Catalogue

Wood Finishes

NOTE: Colors represented on screen may differ from physical product colors. When selecting a standard frame color, please request a color sample kit.

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