Our high manufacturing standards
reduce maintenance

Every door and window starts in a forest.Vancouver Island offers some of the finest softwoods in the world: Douglas fir, red cedar, red alder, and hemlock. The Province of British Columbia has strict forest management policies, ensuring trees are sustainably harvested and the surrounding ecosystems are protected.

Material Preparation

  • We use specially selected old-growth timber grown in cold
    and wet climates
  • Wood is graded for a higher proportion of heartwood, the most durable and desirable part of a tree
  • Engineered door and window components increase stability, reduce knots, and minimize pitch bleed

Technology & Machining

  • High quality, technologically advanced machine processes result in a smoother timber surface and better joint strength
  • Improved component design, using a slight slope – especially in the horizontal sections of the window – prevent pooling water, water penetration, and rot in vulnerable areas
  • Drained and vented glass cavities extend the glazing
    unit service life
  • Multiple gaskets keep windows & doors air tight, preventing drafts


  • Rounded corners, rather than sharp edges, improve paint adhesion
  • End-grain sealants are used in window bottoms and joints to prevent water absorption in vulnerable sections
  • Industrial quality paints reduce maintenance requirements
    and make maintenance easy. No more sanding or scraping
    paint ever again!
  • Factory applied paint provides better protection than job-site applied finishes, and protects the window in areas
    not accessible after assembly

Some notable achievements we are especially proud of

In 2018 Fenstür became North Americas first and only Passive House Certified wooden window and door manufacturer manufacturing products that are "ahead of our time".

We have the lowest lift and slide door threshold, with NAFS certification, in North America.

We manufacture the most energy efficient wooden doors & windows in Canada

We are known for having some of the lowest maintenance windows & doors in North America

We manufacture the largest windows & doors in Canada

We were the first company in Canada to pass a NAFS test for a lift and slide door