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It’s not what is used to be

Wood windows, when properly designed and cared for, can literally last longer than a lifetime. 15-30 year maintenance intervals are a reality in this day and age with the high quality ingredients and great designs of our doors and windows.

The first step in our the finishing process is a water-based preservative to prevent decay (fungal) and insect damage. This means even if maintenance is neglected there’s still additional layers of protection and safeguards standing behind you. If a completely maintenance free exterior is desirable we have aluminum clad doors and windows available.

It’s natural & beautiful

Wood windows are a treat to the eyes and reach deep into the soul. Wood’s natural tones can blend seamlessly into the environment or stand out as a completely unique frame to view life through.

Although a window can be built more thfan once, natural variations of wood ensure no two will ever be exactly the same. Wood brings nature into an enclosure made by man.

Wood is Affordable

The initial investment towards wooden windows and doors is often higher than that of pvc or fiberglass. However, there is not much comparison in the products past this point. Your Fenstür windows and doors will perform better, period. They will save you more energy, keep out more sound, let in more light, last longer, look better, and increase your quality of living beyond any competitors pvc, aluminum, or fiberglass product lines. When you factor in the cost savings over the lifespan of our windows and doors, compared to the costs of replacing other window types – and the lost energy during their service life – wood always wins.

Other Advantages

  • Wood windows and doors can be built much larger than other window types, and are easy to customize
  • Wood has the lowest environmental impactof any window material, and continues to save energy and C02 during its lifetime
  • Wood doors & windows will set your home apart from most others
  • Wood is a renewable resource
  • Wood can be stained or painted to any color
  • Wood is a carbon sink
  • Wood is naturally insulating, no thermal bridging
  • Wood windows and doors are an investment you will never regret!
  • Wood is healthy, sustainable, and doesn’t off -gas